My first date (balls)

Excuse the Barbie nails.

That’s not a rude joke, by the way.

Just an embarrassing attempt at a pun. I still have a chance to edit it out. I won’t.

Let’s talk energy balls. I love energy balls of all sorts, with any ingredients. If I had to pick a favorite, however, it would be this recipe. As a uni student, I make these twice a week and, astonishingly, I haven’t grown tired of them yet.

Just look at that cacao. Dayum, that cacao.

I had always been a skeptic regarding energy balls, though. Never felt like fussing over them, until I learned how ridiculously easy it is to make them and how amazing they taste. The only downside here is that they disappear at an uncontrollable rate. I have to verbally signalize my own body that it is time to stop. Granted, there’s nothing bad in them and you could, maybe, even categorize them as healthy. Nevertheless, I hope your willpower is stronger than mine.

Serves: ~20 balls, depending on how you roll šŸ˜‰ Awyeah.


  • 100 g oats
  • 40 g desiccated coconut
  • 2 tbsp cacao powder, unsweetened
  • 1 tbsp tahini
  • 100 g dates
  • optional: cacao powder/coconut/chopped nuts for rolling
I date you to only eat one.


  1. Essentially, process everything, roll into balls and roll in cacao powder. As a student’ I purchase the cheapest dates I can find. No fancy medjool dates for me. Ain’t nobody go time money for that. If you’re also broke and using crappy dates like I am, I’d suggest cutting them up and soaking them for at least 10 minutes beforehand.
  2. Customize: Substitute tahini for any other nut or seed butter or even coconut oil. I like using peanut butter. Substitute dates for any other dried fruit. I like to leaveĀ half of the portion be dates, add some dried figs and raisins until I’ve got 100 grams.
  3. Double: Double the recipe if you’re more intelligent than me and have a larger food processor than I do.

Enjoy and go eat a plant!


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